Picking a Football Accumulator

Picking a Football Accumulator

There’s nothing more entertaining than placing an accumulator on a Saturday afternoon and watching your results come in. Though, as most experienced punters will know, there’s a skill and an almost artistic way to picking an Acca.

There’s a minefield of football betting tips websites out there that are created with the sole aim of helping you in placing an accumulator.

Footy Accumulators are a solid example of one that makes it easier to pick your dream accumulator, as they offer all areas of betting on their website and provide their own recommended bets every day of the week.

No bet is ever set in stone and you always need to put betting responsibly ahead of all else, but how do you pick a bet that will at least stand a chance of coming in? Here’s a rundown of some key tips to consider before picking your own football accumulator tips:

Check out the Team

Backing Manchester City to win looks like a strong decision against almost any side, but it’s not so appealing when you find out that Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane and David Silva are all out injured.

Past results tend to give an indication over who might be playing, especially if there’s any recent injuries that have changed the availability of certain key players.

Looking up who is out injured for each side is important, as well as checking up who’s set to play in that game when the team sheets are released shortly before kick-off.

Statistics and form

It’s fair to say that this could easily be the most decisive factor in picking a worthwhile accumulator, as it at least gives you a chance to capitalise on the solid facts.

Checking past results of each side is crucial, especially when considering form both home and away, as some sides focus on playing at home and can be quite the opposite when on foreign soil.

Look on Footy Accumulators to compare picks

Picking a Football Accumulator

Many of the even more experienced punters find it easier to decide on backing certain teams when they know others have opted to do the same.

This doesn’t mean blindly following just anyone, but in looking at the current bets on a site such as Footy Accumulators, you can at least get a grasp of a reliable bet from someone who has experience in choosing them.

Shop around for odds before backing

Plenty of the more established bookmakers offer stronger odds depending on what sort of bet it is and what leagues are involved. It’s crucial to look around all major betting sites before deciding which will hold your acca, as some could be better priced in total potential winnings or produce a more worthwhile cash-out in-play.

There’re also incentives with some bookies depending on which leagues or sides are included in your bet; a number of bookmakers boost odds if the accumulator is made up exclusively of Europe’s major leagues.

Don’t get carried away with your remaining selections

A lot of accumulators start off as singles or trebles where people thought ‘that looks like a clever side to back this weekend’. As you try to put together a more appetising bet, with it turning into an accumulator, you then add more selections in that you aren’t quite to convinced by.

Something you need to remember is to stick by the selections you actually believe in, as it can be all too easy to add a low-priced selection in just to marginally boost the odds, only for it to turn out that they were always likely to fail.